Be Found.
Be Local.

Lets partner to tell your story
and engage your neighbors.

Amplify your brands and connect with local customers where they go, shop, and eat. Our captivating indoor billboards transform your space, increase visibility for local businesses, and build deeper connections in your community.

Digital Indoor Billboard

Indoor digital billboards deliver dynamic, eye-catching visuals to capture attention and drive engagement in high-traffic indoor locations.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising provides targeted, measurable, and cost-effective ways to reach audiences across various online platforms and devices.


Geofencing and display ads enable businesses to deliver location-based mobile ads and messages to consumers within specific geographic boundaries.

Website Building

Custom web design creates unique, online experiences that reinforce brand identity and drive user engagement.

38% of adults surveyed in the US (nearly 4 in 10) say they have visited a Facebook page or posted on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad

Using both Facebook and OOH ads proved to be 15% more efficient than running Facebook ads alone, 13% higher than expected. This emphasizes the importance of integrating social media and OOH advertising to connect with and engage diverse audiences effectively.

Creating Partnerships

Here at Proximity Ads LLC, we believe in the strength of partnership. We build bridges between two vibrant communities:

Local Businesses: Like you, they’re passionate about building meaningful connections with their customers. We offer them a platform to shine, showcasing their brand stories and enticing offers on stunning indoor billboards.

Venue Partners: Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a trendy coffee shop, or a cozy salon, we can
transform your space into a captivating hub. Your customers will be amazed by dynamic content, from eye-catching video ads to interactive promotions, while you enjoy seamless integration with your existing operations.

These partnerships create a win-win scenario. Local businesses flourish with increased visibility and customer engagement, while you, the host, unlock better customer experience and enhance your venue’s appeal. It’s a beautiful synergy that benefits everyone involved, from entrepreneurs to their dedicated customers.